Escape from St John's Island

Escape from St John's Island

About Escape from St John’s Island

There is a new pandemic that is sweeping the world with a high mortality rate of 40% of those infected and spreading quickly. Scientists have termed this deadly plague Green Death-29. At present, because this has raged on for some time, almost all on the main island is infected. Sentosa and St John’s Island are one of the few areas that the virus has not ravaged.

You are Elle, the daughter of a researcher who was tasked to find a cure by retrieving missing journal pages to solve this mystery.

You are in a race against time to find the cure and identify the mysteries of St. John’s island. What about the island that has kept the virus at bay? Could it be linked to the quarantine facilities built by the British in the 1900s? A clandestine experiment conducted by the Japanese during WW2? What has Singapore’s former president Mr Devan Nair got to do with the island? Or is there a more sinister plot that is taking place … waiting to be discovered?

Time is not on our side and you only have 4 hours. Assemble your team to find the truth and save mankind.