Escape from St John's Island
About Tribe

About Tribe

Tribe is an award-winning boutique tour operator conducting in-depth tours on Singapore. We pioneered new tour formats, including Niu Che Shui Murders Game Tour (combining puzzle games with tour narration) and Instawalk (combining nano-influencer and theme stories).

Our tours are privately guided tours curated by locals who know the city inside out, giving the traveller a glimpse of the city, its people as they are. Our signature through all our tours lie in you doing, experiencing and interacting with locals rather than as a passive tourist. It may involve you cooking local dishes, snapping pictures of local architecture, tasting, even ordering food like a local. Our day tours range from 2 hour walkabouts to half day tours. Group size are kept small and intimate to facilitate interaction. 

Escape from St John’s Island is the 3rd in our series of Game Tour, after the Award Winning Niu Che Shui Murders and Jewel Heist.

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