Escape from St John's Island
Escape from St John’s Island Self Guided Quest

Escape from St John’s Island Self Guided Quest


The Green Death virus has plagued the earth for over a year, effectively wiping out half of the population.
In this game, you will be playing as a protagonist named Elle, who has just received an old journal from a mysterious stranger. He informs you that it belonged to a scientist, who might have developed a cure for the Green Death on St John’s Island 20 years ago.
But with the sudden disappearance of the scientist along with his research notes, the laboratory was shut down and the island was abandoned ever since.
The discovery of this journal has led this stranger to believe that the cure was hidden on St John’s Island all along.
Will you be able to find the cure and save humanity?

Time is not on our side. Assemble your team to find the truth and save mankind.


  1. You are 100% on your own, armed with a game kit, and your trusty mobile phone with the quest downloaded from Questeon app.
  2. You are free to start and stop anytime, and take a break as and when desired. Guided tour has a fixed departure schedule.
  3. If you are stuck, there are hints to assist you within the app.
  4. The self guided quest is price at $30/device (excludes ferry tickets), while the guided experience starts from $90/pax onwards.


  • You will need to download the Questeon App on your mobile via Google Playstore or Apple Store before the quest can be purchased and loaded.
  • You will need to purchase the ferry ticket and pick up the accompanying game kit from our distribution and ferry partner, Marina South Ferries. Do verify the ferry departure (0900, 1100 and 1300hrs) and return timing (1330, 1600 and 1800hrs) with the ferry operator on the day of your departure.
  • For optimum game play experience, it is recommended to play with a friend (or a group of friends). Recommend to have a max of 2 persons to share each device.
  • data network is required. Starhub users may experience patchy network while on the island.
  • Before you begin your adventure, make sure you have all the items listed below. Every item is essential for completing the game!

Game Kit | 2. Map | 3. Purchase of Escape from St John’s Island Quest | 4. Writing material (Pen or pencil)


1. Dress comfortably. As St John’s Island is largely outdoor and may have uneven terrains, dress comfortably and in comfortable walking/running shoes.

2. Protect your team against the weather and nature elements. Do bring along caps/hats, shades, umbrella, sunscreen, mosquito repellents.

3. Bring food and water. There is NO food and water supplies on the island. Please bring along sufficient quantity to last for the entire duration.

4. During Medical Emergency. Call Police Coast Guard at 63775539 as there are no medical facilities on the island.

For Corporates Bulk Purchase, you can email to enquire.